A free, fast, & modern CDN for open source projects, WordPress, images, and any static assets.

Built for developers

Works with any static assets, support various modification, and optimization.

Unlimited traffics

No traffic limits or throttling. Files are served via super fast global CDNs.

Push to serve

Integrated with your favorite tools: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and WordPress SVN.

Proudly empowered by world-class CDN companies

Everything you need to serve static assets.

Serve your open source files quickly, without having to manually configure DNS, SSL, CDN or hosting. Apply various image transformations and manipulations just on the spot.


All your favourite apps and tools, integrated with Statically


An all-in-one solution for open source static assets delivery

  • Easy of Use
  • Unlimited Traffics
  • Unlimited Optimization
  • Unlimited Static Files
  • Unlimited Integrations

Because static files shouldn’t be slow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Statically?

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How can Statically be different from other open source CDN?
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What can I serve to Statically?

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